chibi chic

For all you manga and anime fans out there handbags with original chibi designs.

For anyone who dosent know what chibi means heres a definishon; Chibi is a japanese slang waord for "short person" or "small child". the word has gained currencey among fans of manga and anime.

Each bag has a different chibi out of our four characters;

Mayu; Mayu loves animals, espesially cats, shes arty and a bit quirky. For Mayus 6th birthdayher mum got her a pair of cat ears and now she always wears them. Mayu hates animal crulty, sports and horror movies.

Charlotte; Charlotte is bubbly, cute and a people person.Charlotte loves baking, her friends and laughing. Charlottte dislikes boring classses, quite times and bad hair days.